Risk Management

Total Cost of Risk

An Accurate Evaluation of your Total Cost of Risk

Data analysis is critical to bettering your business. Working to minimize your company’s total cost of risk, we examine insurance premiums, internal administration expenditures, outside vendor fees, and other charges affecting your risk management program and policies.

To assess the total cost of risk, we work with your team to conduct a thorough review of your experience modification rate and OSHA recordables, including a peer-to-peer evaluation to see where your company stands against the competition. We then examine where your company excels and identify cost-drivers. With claims data and weaknesses exposed, we create a strategy to manage your business’s risk more efficiently and cost-effectively.

With the guidance of our powerful analytics tools, we delve deep into recordable data such as:

  • OSHA recordable info
  • Loss trending
  • Forecasting related to payroll
  • Forecasting related to sales
  • Industry information

Analyzing your total cost of risk allows us to develop a roadmap to success.