Beth Lochmoeller works with Cornerstone clients to implement communication solutions best suited for communicating benefits and HR information to their employees. Cornerstone’s communication plans and solutions are comprehensive and varied. She assists with the selection, set-up, and roll-out of specialized web-based communication portals.

Some of the solutions Beth can provide are an online employee portal, webinars or videos, online employee surveys, professionally written and formatted campaigns on various safety and wellness topics, and compliance communications such as handouts and posters. In her previous role as an educator and director of technology at a St. Louis-area school, Beth specialized in managing the implementation and training of teachers in the best uses of technology within their practice.

Beth Lochmoeller's Posts

Cyber Security 2022 Update: Ongoing Cyber Turmoil from 2021

Posted on March 28, 2022

cyber security
There is no question, our world is more digitized than ever. Technology can offer significant and various benefits, but it has caused individuals and businesses to be more susceptible to cybercrime. Cybercrime has steadily become more common and costly.  With the rapid shift of work to remote and hybrid offices in the past two years,... Read More