Preparing for Crisis

June 22, 2017 | Leave a Comment

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We believe protecting businesses helps build a strong community. Because when disaster hits a business, its effect is devastating and long-lasting for employees and their families. Without a plan for protection and recovery from an unexpected and dangerous event, the livelihood of an organization will be at stake.

Taking steps to prepare for the worst is the only way to minimize the impact of an incident and shorten the recovery time.

Disasters come in a variety of packages: terrorist attacks, natural disaster, criminal activity. While it’s easy to fall into the mindset that one or all of these will never impact your business, it’s imperative to start planning for recovery before they occur.

Download our Business Continuity Toolkit to begin preparing your plan today.

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National Safety Month

June 02, 2017 | 1 Comment

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To promote safety at work, at home, and on the road, the National Safety Council has declared June as National Safety Month.

Implementing safety measures at work is something that every business owner and team leader can take part in. The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the latest census of fatal occupational injuries show that 13 people die while doing their jobs per day. With statistics that high, we all need to drive awareness and prevent on-the-job injuries for our workforce.

Establish Culture of Safety

Establishing a workplace culture that values safety is essential to keeping workers injury free and reducing workers’ compensation claims.

While creating a culture of safety that reaches every level of your organization will not happen overnight, there are steps you can take during National Safety Month to help promote the wellbeing of your employees.

  1. Begin with an employee perception survey:
    Sending out a survey to your employees will allow you to find out how effective your current safety policies are, signal areas of your safety program that need improvement, and increase employee engagement by identifying ways the safety program can be better suited to their needs.
  2. Request a Safety Audit:
    Contact a loss control professional to determine what steps can be taken around your worksite to reduce the risk of injury or fatality. Take every recommendation into consideration and fix as much as possible. Share the findings of the audit with your employees so they understand how to prevent dangerous circumstances in the future.
  3. Update Your Safety Policy:
    When is the last time you updated your safety policy? With the introduction of new technologies and more frequent cell phone use by employees, policies may need to be updated. Remind your employees not to use their mobile phones while driving company vehicles by implementing a distracted driving policy.

It’s never too late to begin adjusting your company’s culture to focus on safety.

Call us during National Safety Month or any other time of the year for more information.




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