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Everything we do is focused on helping you improve your business. Through a combination of products and services, we bring you solutions to specifically tackle the needs and risks your business is, or might be, facing.

Every day, businesses have to confront a variety of issues and risks, and many of those can be insured against, such as physical losses and medical claims. Others are less obvious, but can have a significant impact on your company. We believe in taking a proactive approach to avoid these potential risks altogether, or at a minimum, to mitigate their impact.

That’s what we do at Cornerstone – work as partners with you to review the investments you make in your business, such as employees, physical assets, administration, and operations. We conduct a thorough audit and look for any potential risks to which you might be exposed, and we then work together to minimize their impact – or better yet, turn those risks into opportunities for your business.

Our Process


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    Benefits & Wellness

    The benefits you offer to your employees can vary greatly depending on a number of factors from your financials, to your culture, to the needs of your employees.

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    Commercial Insurance

    Effective risk management takes expert-level knowledge and tenacity. Your risk and liability exposures never take a month off. Neither do we.

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    HR & Administration

    Individualized service is irreplaceable and Cornerstone clients receive the best from all of our divisions. Our Plan Services and TotalHR departments were born from our desire to continue to provide additional, more meaningful services to our clients who need them.

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