Enterprise Risk Management


Every company is exposed to risks – it isn’t just limited to hazards and physical losses. There are also financial, operational, and strategic risks to take into consideration when evaluating your company’s potential exposures. At Cornerstone, we have decades of experience managing against these individual risk management needs, and helping clients systematically reduce their risk exposure. But it’s not just about avoidance – sometimes your biggest opportunities come from addressing risks head-on. We are your partners to help you identify those risks and look for ways to turn them into opportunities for your business.

A Proactive Partnership

It all begins with getting to know your company. We’ll ask questions, do research, and look at your historical loss factors in order to better predict your future losses. Then, we’ll work with you to divert risk, develop financing plans, and write action-based strategies that lower your experience modifier.

We’ll help you understand what future claims can cost you directly, as well as evaluate the rippling costs that come from business disruption – which can often be larger than the loss itself. Then, we’ll work together to modify your exposure to those potential costs so you can focus on doing what you do best – in a safer way.

Our Risk Management services include:

  • Benchmarking
  • Loss forecasting
  • Experience mod analysis & action plan
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