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Updated NLRB Requirement

October 07, 2011 | Leave a Comment

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The NLRB issued a notice October 5, 2011 advising that they are delaying the requirements of most employers to display an 11 x 17 poster informing employees of their right to form a union. The original deadline for employers was November 14th, and the new deadline is January 31, 2012. As the reason for the delay, the NLRB cited confusion from companies who were unsure if they were subject to NLRB jurisdiction, explaining that a number of primarily small to medium sized companies were unaware if they were covered under the ruling. As a result, the NLRB has indicated they plan to have additional outreach and educational programs to help companies better understand the NLRB, their role and the poster.

As previously mentioned, there is still litigation pending which is seeking to block this ruling overall. Should additional changes or updates occur between now and January 31st, we will update you accordingly.

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