Leadership’s Role in Worker Safety

Leadership's Role in Worker's Safety and Risk ManagementIt’s no secret that hundreds of billions of dollars are spent annually on costs correlated to work-related injuries and illnesses.

The funds to pay for these massive expenditures come directly from corporate profits. However, businesses with well-defined worker safety cultures and risk management solutions are able to reduce costs by up to forty percent and offer a safer work environment. So, what is the role that the leadership team plays in worker safety and a company’s risk management?

Implementing Worker Safety Programs

Creating a safety culture does not just happen overnight; it demands time and commitment from those in leadership roles. As a risk management company, Cornerstone helps leaders establish a safety mission statement for their company, the leaders can reiterate their expectations from and for employees. After all, constructing a worker safety program ensures that directors and officers of an organization are aware of and enforce these important policies.

Promoting Safety Culture

Although having the appropriate programs in place and well-documented is a great first step, it is not the end of the process to increase worker safety. To protect employees from anticipated harm, these programs must be frequently communicated to employees. By sharing the policies put in place and notifying of successes and loses, leadership can improve their employees’ safety and strengthen the company’s risk management.

Meeting Compliance Regulations

Risk management via internal and external compliance is critical to the success of an effective workplace safety plan. These significant policies support the leadership team’s efforts in reinforcing safety measures that are best for each and every employee. It also boosts morale and employee willingness to comply with safety programs and standards.

While human resources teams and employees themselves are also responsible for their safety and well-being, to be outstanding, company leaders must do their part. With the help of compelling risk management strategies, managers and directors can assist in developing the most secure environment possible.

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