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How Safe is the Data your Company is Handling?

September 01, 2015 | Leave a Comment

On August 25th 2015, the Identity Theft Resource Center released a report that summarized security breaches, This year alone, there have been 181 breaches in the Medical/Healthcare  arena – impacting 109,740,785 records.  The largest and most notable was Anthem.

As a covered entity (CE) or business associate (BA) that handles Protected Health Information (PHI), it’s important to know that businesses are required to train employees about HIPAA and establish procedures to protect confidential information.

It is no secret that in order to provide timely service to employees, covered members and patients, a large percentage of the transfer of necessary data is being done via email.  HIPAA regulations allow for electronic PHI to be sent over an electronic open network “as long as it is adequately protected”.

Are the emails you are sending “adequately protected”?

Jason Karn, Director of IT at Total HIPAA Compliance has recently provided a review of four email encryption services that meet HIPAA requirements. Click here to read more.

Cornerstone has partnered with Total HIPAA Compliance to assist employers meet their requirement under HIPAA.


Written by: David Baughman, Consultant at The Cornerstone Insurance Group

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