Health Tips to Survive the Holidays

There is food everywhere this time of year. It seems like an endless stream of culinary temptation from Halloween until Valentine’s Day — that’s almost half the year!

Survive the Holidays

So how can we attack this holiday food frenzy and focus on wellness while still enjoying the season? As an employee benefits administration company, we believe the most successful employees are those who can stay healthy and well. 

Tip 1: Be Realistic

Don’t try to lose weight during the holidays. “Maintain, don’t gain.” Don’t plan to diet after the new year because it sets you up for binge eating. Instead of starting your diet at the New Year, use this current holiday as an opportunity to make better wellness decisions now.

Tip 2: Keep moving.

Walk the mall. Rake leaves. Go for walks after family meals. Plan a party that involves fitness. All exercise helps relieve stress, even a quick 10-minute walk. If you want to get the family involved, ice skating is a fun activity that can replace a daily trip to the gym.

Tips 3: Plan ahead.

Visualize your meals and plan ahead before a party so it’s easier to watch your intake and consume fewer calories. If, going in to the party, you know Aunt Edna is going to bring her famous green bean casserole, you need to plan how you can fit that into your calorie budget. You may need to miss out on pumpkin pie.

Tip 4: Don’t skip meals.

Don’t skip breakfast or lunch! Eat a healthy snack before leaving for the party. You’ll be less likely to over-indulge if you are not famished. Consider eating veggies and hummus, deli meat and olives, or a hard-boiled egg.

Tip 5: Make just one trip to the buffet.

A typical holiday meal contains 3,000 calories! The average person only needs 2,500 calories per day. So scope out the buffet before you grab a plate. Plan for what you have to have and choose reasonable portions.

It helps to move socializing away from the buffet table. Avoid arguing with Aunt Edna over a plate of cookies. It’s tempting, but your health and wellness will thank you!

Tip 6: Eat to savor, not to gorge.

Change the way you eat, in addition to what you eat. Eating mindfully is eat with intention and attention. It gives you permission to eat all the foods you love, slowly tasting and enjoying every bite. You’ll be more satisfied and have less cravings. You might even change your love-hate relationship with food!

Tip 7: Don’t punish yourself.

If you do stray from your party plan and overindulge, let it go! Studies show that punishing yourself for one instance of overindulgence will set you up for a full-blown tumble off the wagon. Instead, just go light on the next meal and focus on what you did right.

Compliment yourself! “Wow. I said no to a third glass of wine, just like I planned! Go me.” This will help your healthy wellness habits stick all year.

Tip 8: Drink up.

That’s water — not eggnog, wine, or vodka. Staying well-hydrated will help you feel your best. Staying hydrated can also help you feel satiated.

If you do indulge in choleric or alcoholic drinks, be sure to have a plan. For instance, if you plan to drink two choleric glasses of wine at a party, be sure to work in two glasses of water in between those drinks.


Health and wellness are important any time of the year. Cornerstone Insurance Group is here to help. Contact one of our employee benefits consultants to learn how you can keep your employees happy and healthy. You can also watch this webinar on holiday health tips and to see how many calories are in each of your favorite holiday drinks.