Cyber Attacks – Are You Prepared?

Cyber AttacksThe New York Times just reported that the Equifax breach was caused by the negligence of one employee. Despite the risk management and security measures the consumer credit reporting agency had taken to protect the sensitive data of its more than 800 million customers, it took only one person to make a single devastating mistake that would jeopardize the company’s entire operation.

Why Protect Cyber Security?

We read and hear about the Equifax, Yahoo, and Target cyber scandals because these companies are so prevalent in our society. However, the number of cyber-attacks continues to increase year-to-year and is not dependent upon company size or location. These attacks can happen to businesses of any size, and 60% of the firms that incur a breach will go out of business in 12 months.

Stop Cyber Attacks with Proper Risk Management.

So how can you prevent a security breach? The following risk management techniques can help mitigate your risks of being a cyber-attack victim.

  • Keep software up-to-date and continually educate your employees on how to use it correctly.
  • Implement a policy and procedure that encrypts or restricts the storage of sensitive data on mobile devices such as smart phones and laptop computers.
  • Use a firewall for your internet connection.
  • Limit employee access to sensitive data.
  • Require all staff to regularly change passwords.
  • Never click on links, pop-ups, or open attachments in an email, unless you can confirm that it was sent from a trusted source.
  • Purchase insurance to protect your business in the event one of your employees makes a mistake.

It’s up to every member of your team to help prevent cybercrime so your company is safe in the event of an attack.

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