Cornerstone Named Best Places to Work Finalist

Best Risk Management CompanyFor the second year in a row, our employee benefits company has been named a Best Place to Work by our employees and the St. Louis Business Journal.

We’re so thankful for the employees who have helped us build a culture of well-being and teamwork! To honor our employees, we are sharing Cornerstone’s values, which are composed of the following principles:


It’s what drives us. Serving others, whether that be our client employers, their employees, or our coworkers, is the number one focus of our team. We want to play a significant role in bettering
our clients’ and their employees’ lives and believe our work as a human resources company is an essential part of that mission. We will use all of the resources available to us to serve others in a way that truly makes a difference.


It feels good to make a difference in the community. And it’s more fun when we do it together. We work to give back to causes that mean something to us. In doing so, we build a team that can count
on each other.


Being fearless isn’t making reckless decisions, it means standing behind what you do. We work to be a leader in the employee benefits and risk management industries. We strive to be proactive
in our engagements, knowing that if we stick to our ethics we can move forward confidently. Stepping outside the status quo is the only way to grow — as a business and as individuals.


All worthwhile relationships have to be built on a firm belief of reliability, ability and strength. We pride ourselves in taking ownership of our work. We are accountable for being transparent, remaining ethical, and staying true to our values.


Partnership is essential to running a successful business. We surround ourselves with clients and team members who are transforming their industries and staying competitive through innovative business practices.

Congrats to all the 2018 Best Places to Work finalists. At Cornerstone Insurance Group, we want to offer the best services available, from employee benefits to human resources. We also know that can only be done by having the best team available. Are you interested in joining our employee benefits company? Contact Cornerstone today.