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Risks that Threaten the Drone Industry

October 15, 2015 | Leave a Comment

More and more companies are turning to drones to do jobs like roofing estimating, land evaluations, construction bids, and property evaluations.  Some businesses may be hiring aerial or drone companies, and some might be buying drones and using them on their own.  A business must be certified, trained, and in some cases registered if they are using drones.   Also, businesses must be aware they may not have insurance for the exposures when using a drone as many commercial carriers are classifying these as “aircraft”, and there is language in your General Liability policy that talks about use of aircraft exclusions. So as businesses “fly” into technology and use (or see a need to use) drones,  please be sure to reach out to your Cornerstone Consultant for an insurance discussion. Click here for a great article on “Risks that Threaten the Drone Industry”.

Written by: Jean Minardi, Vice President of Risk Management, The Cornerstone Insurance Group

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