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Not Knowing about Prescription Drug Discounts Cost Us Thousands!

June 20, 2016 | Leave a Comment

When my wife was prescribed a new prescription for her eyes, we didn’t think anything of it until purchasing the new 4 ounces of fluid as it cost $180 monthly.  Since we are on a Health Savings Account the full cost impacts us immediately.

 Over a year later, while we were complaining to a new Doctor about the cost of the prescription, he said, “Don’t you use that company’s discount card?”  Turns out that had we used the discount card the RX manufactures gives out we could have been paying only $30 for the refills!

Additional prescriptions cost savings ideas:

  • ·           Ask several people at your Doctor’s office for coupons and free samples
  • ·           Ask your pharmacist if they know of any coupons or discounts
  • ·           Go directly to the manufacture’s website for offerings
  • ·           Call your insurance carrier for alternatives drugs (similar generics) or methods to solve the issues so  drugs are not needed.
  • ·           Ask about doubling your mg size from( ie. 5 mg to 10 mg) as many times the cost are similar and ask your doctor if it’s ok to cut them in half.

Lastly Consumer Reports put out a great article in the January 2016 about the pricing at different pharmacies for the same drug (Lipitor generic was between $11 and $146) depending on which pharmacy you went to!  Shop around for pharmacies, consider online pharmacies, and mail order!

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