Producer Position: Director of Wellness

Leah Hammel

Leah is a registered dietitian and exercise physiologist. She helps Cornerstone clients determine the best methods to introduce wellness into their organizations and can implement strategies that take current initiatives up a notch.

Leah begins wellness programs with an assessment that measures your employee interest and needs to identify the areas of focus for an engaging wellness program. The tools Leah can provide include on-site educational seminars on topics related to nutrition, fitness, and stress management; structured programs such as steps competitions or 30-day challenges; biometric screenings; performance- and outcome-based premium levels; smoking cessation programs; teledoc services; and much, much more.

Leah also works with carriers and your team to structure participation- or outcomes-based programs that determine the premium paid by your staff, paying careful attention to ACA rules regarding parameters for a wellness plans and subsequent premium schedules.