Identity Theft


In today’s increasingly connected world, identity theft has hit the big time, and, unfortunately, the problem is only getting worse. Having your identity stolen – and then used to commit other crimes – can ruin reputations, financially devastate, and create ongoing headaches for years. Cornerstone has the protection you and your family needs to repair any harm that occurs, so you can get back to living your life.


Cornerstone’s identity theft protection includes:

  • Expense reimbursements up to SOME DOLLAR AMOUNT
  • No deductible for expenses incurred to restore your identity including:
    • Medical ID fraud expenses
    • Travel expenses
    • New government identification
    • Tax identification fraud-related costs
    • Lost wages
    • Attorney fees

Your reputation, assets, and public image are integral to your success. Identity theft can destroy what has taken years, generations even, to build. Protect yourself; protect your family. Thwart identity thieves with a Cornerstone Identity Theft policy.

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