Loss Control Services


If there’s one thing our commercial insurance experience has taught us, it’s that proactive thinking and resourceful loss control solutions are the best way to keep expenses low and improve a company’s bottom line.

Better Information, Safer Practices

Reduced risk comes from two main sources: altered habits and altered standards. With Cornerstone Connect, you get a customized loss control program focused on reducing the potential for known risks to turn into losses.

We start strategically planning with a detailed loss analysis and a loss control evaluation to identify strengths and weaknesses in your current loss control programs. After a complete assessment, we work together to develop and execute your individual program that includes preventive action planning, safety education materials, and our unique risk management tools:

  • Exposure control methods
  • Loss control
  • OSHA compliance assistance
  • Claims management

Have an upcoming OSHA audit? We’ll be there for you in advance, offering industry-specific advice and a library of OSHA compliance tools to ensure your workplace is at its safest and most productive.

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