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Jump Start Your Wellness Program

October 12, 2017 | Leave a Comment

Jump Start Your Wellness Progra

A thoughtfully implemented wellness program can have outstanding effects on office culture, health-related costs for employers, and ultimately the well-being of employees.

But buying a Fit Bit for every employee in your company and ordering healthy snacks for the break room once a week can add up quickly. To increase your office health and morale, you need to choose a well-rounded program that reaches every employee in your company (but that doesn’t mean it needs to be expensive).

Identify your needs and resources

Achieving a positive return on investment begins by pinpointing the wellness initiatives that will have the most impact on your employees. Use a survey to assess their current health concerns and fitness levels, as well as their goals and interests. A biometric screening will complement your survey, giving you detailed information about the aggregate health of your team.

Then, determine the resources you will allot to managing and improving your program over the next year. For wellness programs to succeed, they need the backing of the leadership team and a dedicated group of individuals who will manage the effort.

Plan your program

The team of volunteers who will run your wellness program will need to use the survey data to determine the areas of focus. These could include disease prevention, fitness, smoking cessation, nutrition education, weight loss, stress management, or behavior change.

Choosing 4-6 areas of focus at the beginning of an annual program will help the committee create a calendar.

If a high percentage of employees surveyed mentioned that stress limits their productivity at work or at home, then the wellness committee may want to select stress management as an area of focus for the quarter or the year.

Next, for each area of focus, the wellness committee will plan 2-3 events that will engage the largest number of employees depending on their interest level and time available. This may include challenges, professionally guided seminars, or community activities.

Example of a 3-month area of focus

Here is a sample of what a quarter focusing on stress management may look like:

  • Month 1: Invite a guest speaker from a local health care provider to come in to speak about stress management techniques. A lunch and learn session for each area of focus will allow employees who do not have enough interest to make changes outside of work to become more educated on the topic.
  • Month 2: Create a stress-free zone in your office space. Encourage employees to use the space for 10-minutes per day to de-stress. Sending out emails that discuss the effects of stress and 10-minute relaxation techniques will help employees to feel comfortable making the small daily change.
  • Month 3: Offer an incentive to those who participate in a stress-management schedule. Each employee will meditate for 10-minutes three times a week for the month and keep track of their progress. Once the month is complete, individuals who completed each meditation session are entered into a raffle to win a free yoga membership and yoga mat.

These examples are low-cost and can have a high impact on the stress levels of your team. If you’d like to get started, Cornerstone’s Wellness Director Leah Hammel will be a great resource. To find her contact information and more information on the wellness program, click here.

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