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November is Diabetes Awareness Month

November 07, 2014 | Leave a Comment

Diabetes affects 26 million Americans, with 19 million people diagnosed and 7 million undiagnosed. An estimated 79 million American adults aged 20 years or older have prediabetes, which puts them at high risk for developing the disease.

Three types of diabetes

Type 1:
Is commonly diagnosed in children and young adults. Type 1 diabetes is caused by the body not producing insulin, a hormone that is needed to convert sugar, starches and other food into energy. Only five to 10 percent of people with diabetes have type 1.

Type 2:
Is the most common form of the disease. Those with type 2 diabetes can’t produce enough insulin or the body’s cells ignore the insulin.

Gestational diabetes:
Can develop around the 28th week of pregnancy in some women. Gestational diabetes starts when your body is not able to make and use all the insulin it needs for pregnancy. Without enough insulin, glucose cannot leave the blood and be changed to energy. Glucose builds up in the blood to high levels. It doesn’t necessarily mean the woman has, or will develop diabetes, but does require attention during pregnancy.

This November, during National Diabetes Month, ask yourself if you’re at risk for diabetes and take steps to prevent it.

Source: Coventry LivingWell Magazine: Type Casting

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