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Concussion Awareness

August 19, 2015 | Leave a Comment

Fall is around the corner and with the change of season comes youth fall sports. With all of the great things derived from youth sports, teamwork, fitness, cameraderie, etc.. there are bound to be some negatives as well.  One of the more serious negatives can be concussions.  We have seen a significant increase in the number of concussions in youth sports in recent years.  Approximately Forty four million children participate in youth sports in our country.  There are almost four million reported concussions annually in that population.  That is just the reported number.  Many more go undiagnosed.  As a youth coach myself, I was required to complete a concussion training course. We are hypersensitive to any head injury and would recommend that parents become aware of the warning signs for their own kid’s sake.  Click here for a link to the CDC’s concussion online training. Please take the time to visit the site.


Written by:  Chris Shepherd, Vice President, The Cornerstone Insurance Group



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